How to distinguish liquid silica gel from solid silica gel?

2020/9/15 9:37:17

How to distinguish liquid silica gel from solid silica gel? Liquid silica gel product has high transparency and no peculiar smell. The product has rubber injection edge, no obvious mold grain and hair edge defects, and the appearance is more delicate and beautiful. Solid silica gel product has low transparency, curing agent or other curing agent smell, the product is not injected with glue, the mold is closed up and down, the parting part of the product has a certain part of the mold is separated off line.

Liquid silicone is commonly used in baby and kitchen products, as well as medical supplies, and can come in direct contact with food and the human body. And solid silica gel is commonly used in daily necessities, industrial miscellaneous parts, electronic products waterproof seal, auto parts.

Safety of liquid silica gel and solid silica gel: Liquid silica gel is a kind of food grade material with high transparency and high safety. Curing agent and other auxiliary materials are not added in the molding and sealing feeding process. Solid silica gel is a transparent material, which needs to add curing agent to speed up the vulcanization molding time and mold feeding molding.

Different from the way of molding: liquid silicone is injection molding liquid silicone rubber: injection molding liquid silicone rubber, vulcanization equipment for injection molding machine. Injection molding machine technology is simple, the product precision is high, the output is high, saves the manpower, saves the electricity, saves the material and so on the merit, may produce each kind of high temperature rubber product, is the future silicone rubber material development mainstream. Solid silica gel forming is a kind of solid material. After mixing with the blender, the cutter cuts in the product and the mold of the appropriate size and thickness, and then puts the mold and the pressure molding machine into shape at a certain temperature. When stripping and plastic products at the same time, also need to clean the mold, etc.

Different from the mold: the structure of solid silica gel mold is generally relatively simple, only according to the parameters of the product processing into the corresponding cavity and cavity, the processing cost is relatively low. The mold structure of liquid silica gel is complex, and it needs to consider the position of injection nozzle, the design of cold runner system, the design of exhaust system, the mold temperature monitoring and other issues, and the mold processing cost is high.

Conclusion: Liquid silicone has high transparency, no odor, the product has a spray mouth. Solid silica gel has the flavor of curing agent or other curing agent, and the product is glue-free.

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