What are the characteristics of liquid foaming silica gel products?

2020/9/16 9:44:47

Liquid foaming silicone products are made from silicone raw materials and mixture of curing agent according to the proportion of 1:1, that is pure organic silicon materials by chemical foaming sulfide and become a kind of soft material, uniform pore size small, high polymer material is a kind of environmental protection, production of silicone products, non-toxic, odourless, safety and health, soft light, feel is good, without being limited by the thickness of the product, easy to operate.

Liquid foam silicone rubber has been quite widely, the application scope of the mat, silicone, silicone breast pad, silicone foam board shoulder pads and other soft silicone products, silicone foam insulation pipe, silicone foam board, impact resistant silicone foam board, the silicone foam sealing strip, silicone foam volume, sponge tube, copier printer axis transfer printing roller sponge tube also have good practical value, such as shock absorption effect of accessories, plastic package products filling is often used.

The chemical and physical properties of liquid foamed silicone rubber were tested and analyzed, and it was found that the liquid foamed silicone rubber has a super temperature adaptability range, the products can still maintain the normal function in the range of -60℃-230℃, and the elasticity, toughness and feel are not affected. This product is safe and environmental friendly, non-toxic and odorless, can pass SGS non-toxic and environmental certification, with excellent electrical performance and chemical stability. It has stable physiological inertness, corrosion resistance, water resistance, ozone resistance and aging resistance.

It should be noted that the liquid foaming silica gel and other condensed silica gel raw materials should not be in contact, otherwise the silicone will not solidify, foaming phenomenon. Impurities such as organotin catalysts, acids and bases containing sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen will also solidify. Do not mix with or touch these substances when using.

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