How does the surface of silica gel product easily stick dust to do?

2020/9/21 9:29:21

Generally, after the silicone rubber products are molded, there is no time for them to be packed and placed for a period of time. The surface of the products will absorb a layer of dust or fiber, which will greatly affect the beauty of the products.

Therefore, silicone rubber manufacturers to make the silica gel products easy to absorb dust took the corresponding treatment measures, such as the use of antistatic rubber, anion separation, but this is very troublesome for the majority of consumers, so only in understanding its adsorption ability to make the corresponding protective measures.

First of all, after the production of silica gel products, our silica gel manufacturers will cover the surface of the products that cannot be removed in time with a layer of plastic. If the products need to be stored for a longer time, they need to be sealed with a film bag to prevent the surface adhesion of silica gel products to dust, so as to effectively ensure the appearance quality of the products. In view of the product easy to absorb dust the surface of the product we are silicone products manufacturer would suggest customer for spray hot oil, hot oil can is a kind of silicone surface adsorption oily substances, can increase product surface smoothness, isolation outside contact with the product surface, can really reach the adsorption effect of dust prevention and control of silica gel products. Because is the main physical adsorption force on silicone products, even though there still will be as the electrostatic adsorption to the product surface reaction, silicon resin as the anode material, can do all kinds of chemical auxiliary materials, for other polar material will have relatively strong adsorption reaction, in order to enhance the adsorption ability of silica gel, should increase the activity of adsorbent structure unit.

If the silica gel is calcined until it is completely dehydrated, the silica gel's silica hydroxyl group is completely destroyed, reducing or even having no adsorption capacity. If a large amount of water is added to silica gel, its adsorption capacity will also be reduced, because the silica hydroxyl group forms too many hydrogen bonds with water, which reduces the ratio of activity.

What if a product like a silicone case accidentally picks up a lot of dust? We can try to deal with it in the following way.

1. Slight dust can be wiped with a dust-free cloth, and the dust can be removed from the surface of the product;

2, more serious dirt and dust can be wiped with white electric oil, or directly soaked in white electric oil liquid and then wiped with a clean dust-free cloth.

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