Which silica gel jewelry surface treatment process effect is good?

2020/9/23 10:19:00

Silicone rubber products in the production process, often have to carry out the surface of the text, pattern printing processing, known as silicone rubber surface technology. Nowadays, the surface technology widely used in the whole industry includes glue dropping, silk screen printing, pad printing, transfer printing, gold powder, radium carving and so on. As long as the handcraft is exquisite, the same aesthetic feeling can be achieved.

There is an aesthetic mechanism in human senses and thinking, and anything with beauty will be loved and accepted by people. The expression forms of aesthetic emotion are various, and people's aesthetic orientation is also different. But to silica gel product, want to behave beautiful, must have its exterior surface. That is, the beauty of silica gel products depends on its appearance to a large extent.

Mobile printing is one of the most widely used technologies at present. The specific process is as follows:
Advance preparation: engraving the pattern into lithography, then evenly spread the ink within the range of the pattern, and then transfer the ink from the pattern to the substrate.

Pad printing: evenly spread the ink on the page; Start the pad printing machine, adjust the pad printing head to the steel plate, and then stick the ink on the character pattern to the pad printing head; Adjust the pad head to the substrate and then transfer the ink from the surface of the pad head to the substrate.

At present, the silica gel factory mainly adopts printing technology to complete silk screen printing and other processes without large area of convex and concave substrate. For products with high hardness, printing effect is also better, which can greatly improve work efficiency. The disadvantage of the printing process of silica gel products is that only one color can be printed at a time, and several corresponding steel plates need to be produced in the design of pattern content with several colors for the corresponding color printing.

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