Why can silicone products be deformed?

2020/9/24 15:03:28

Why can silicone products be deformed? Nowadays, more and more silica gel products are gradually integrated into our life. More and more daily products contain silica gel, such as toys, gifts, stationery, dentures, etc., and even the nipples on baby bottles are silica gel products. Therefore, do not understand the nature of silicone people began to panic, silicone products will not affect human health? Is silica gel toxic?

We all know the flexibility and resilience of silicone, why our life common silicone rubber deformation? In daily life, our ordinary silicone rubber pad is not easy to deform in the process of use, and can be continuously used in outdoor high temperature. Silicone rubber product is a kind of silicone rubber material in synthetic rubber. It is mainly a kind of elastic solid silica gel, which does not mean that silica gel will not be permanently deformed. Deformation occurs when there is no springback for a long time, and the main deformation depends on the hardness of the silicone rubber products. The softer the material deforms, the less the material deforms. In industrial equipment, the elastic energy of O - ring deformation is very important. The tensile ratio is very important for the seal ring. If the drawing speed and deformation are lost, it should be replaced in time to avoid unnecessary situations.

The deformation of silica gel products is mainly affected by the following conditions: permanent deformation caused by long-term work, long service time under high pressure, and easy deformation of hard products under high pressure; In general, silicone rubber can reach 300%~600%(soft material), but in the process of use, excessive drawing will directly lead to deformation and tension loss degree of permanent deformation, so whether it is industrial products, daily necessities or silica gel jewelry, should be used. Under the influence of temperature, in humid place, when silicone products work, in the wet and high temperature use process, the stretch will gradually deformation, but with the temperature of adaptation and decline, will also lead to silica gel products slightly deformation.

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