What advantages do silica gel process accessories and other materials have over other materials?

2020/9/25 9:26:56

Silica gel has the advantages of high adsorption performance, stable structure and so on, it is a highly active porous material. There are many production methods of silicone rubber, among which the sol - gel method of sodium silicate and inorganic acid is most widely used. Silicone has been widely used in various fields, petrochemical, medical and health, food, agriculture and other fields have been developed rapidly. Silicone products are different from plastic and rubber materials, it is the silicone raw materials at a certain temperature, curing. The common forming processes of silicone rubber products are: extrusion forming process, drop molding process, solid hot pressing molding process and liquid injection molding process.

According to the physical properties of silica gel, it can be divided into solid silica gel and liquid silica gel. Solid silicone resin is mainly used for molding products, such as silicone mobile phone covers, silicone tableware, silica gel remote control, fitness equipment, hygiene products and other silicone products, liquid silicone resin is mainly used for extrusion products, such as silicone pacifier, silica gel tube, etc. More practical now is solid silicone:

1. Silicone products are essential parts for making photocopiers, keyboards, electronic dictionaries, remote controls, toys, silicone buttons, etc.

2. Good thermal conductivity and durability, it can be used as gasket for durable forming, packaging material for electronic parts, and maintenance material for automobile electronic parts.

3. Good insulation performance, suitable for manufacturing electronic components and mold high point insulators.

4. Good plasticity, can be used for manufacturing conductive silica gel, medical silica gel, foam silica gel, molded silica gel, etc.

5. Stable chemical properties, insoluble in water and any solvent, good structural stability, high tear resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance of silica gel miscellaneous parts, can be used for building maintenance, high-speed railway joint sealing, bridge sealing and other sealing engineering.

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