How to choose the silicone cover for the brittle silica gel products

2020/9/26 14:05:10

Silicone product itself with better elasticity and super high tear strength function is known, use the silicone material to produce products with long service life, feel comfortable, flexible texture, is unmatched by other materials produced by the product, which is also widely applied to many fields, in the process of producing silicone products, will find that the silicone product will appear the phenomenon of brittle, affected the production, and crisp silicone products in use in the life also can not meet the requirements, so, silicone products and what are the elements of crisp happen.

One, the silica gel finished product structure or mold design silica gel products cause the product brief split, product structure or mold design is unreasonable, resulting in the silica gel finished product brief broken, solution: modify the product or mold structure to end improvement, such as: will be too thin local slightly thickened, slightly at the right Angle round corner, and so on.

Second, the forming temperature is too high or the curing time is too long, which causes the silicone product to become brittle. Solution: reduce the temperature and control the curing time.

Three, the second sulfur ventilation is not good or the temperature is too high to form the silica gel product brittle, silica gel product factory solution: careful adjustment of the second sulfur ventilation and control temperature.

Four, silicone material, rubber itself constitute a silicone product brittle primary elements, silica gel products crisp usually because of poor quality rubber itself, tear strength reach supplications, and now a lot of produce silicone products manufacturer in order to reduce capital also to glue guess filled with silicon powder to reduce capital, this will cause the original tear strength can not meet the requirements of the rubber is more brittle.

How to choose a good silicone cover.

1. Material: pure silica gel and ordinary rubber, pure silica gel has good toughness, hard stretching will not turn white, while ordinary silica gel rubber products are easy to be broken, a pull of the rubber will be white, indicating that there is added value of cheap silicon powder, shoddy.

2. Hand feeling: good hand feeling is smooth, while bad hand feeling is sticky.
3. Appearance: good color uniformity, poor surface roughness, different shades of color, and even impurities can be observed.
4. Taste: Silicone has peculiar smell more or less, and bad silicone has a strong and unpleasant smell.
Secondly, the mold is different, reasonable mold design, fine degree, also different, this laid the quality of the silicone cover finished products, easy to use.

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