What are the safety properties of transparent silica gel products

2020/9/27 9:39:52

It is well known that the touch of silica gel products is soft, comfortable and not easy to deform, with a transparent appearance, safe and non-toxic nature, etc., which make transparent silica gel products become the best choice for modern life.

The most common food-grade silicone products -- transparent silica gel pacifier and pacifier, are the feeding tools used by every newborn baby. Only by selecting comfortable, safe and non-toxic silica gel products can the baby grow up more healthily and happily, and the mother will feel more at ease. Therefore, food-grade silica gel products provide you with a sense of security.

Transparent silicone pacifier is made of pure natural silicone rubber, soft and elastic, toughness and tear resistance are super good, not easy to be damaged due to use, easy to clean and high temperature resistance can be used a variety of disinfection methods, shape can be designed and controlled, the most close to the touch of breast milk for the baby to eat at ease.

Now many people do not choose TPU transparent mobile phone case and choose transparent silicone mobile phone case for obvious reasons, because the chemical molecules of silica gel is very stable, not easy to deformation, not easy to change the factory yellow silica gel products.

Moderate thickness, good moistening toughness can play a very good protective role, and not deformation, environmental protection, non-toxic and durable, soft and delicate touch, let the bow people fondle, the appearance of silicone material after molding is first-class.
Safety properties of silica gel:.
1. Silica gel is a kind of amorphous silicon dioxide. The dust content in the workshop should be controlled not more than 10 mg/m3.
2. Silica gel has a strong adsorption ability, and it can dry the skin of human skin and rubber products. Therefore, please wear working clothes when operating.
3. Blue silica gel contains a small amount of cobalt chloride, which is potentially toxic. Avoid contact with food and inhalation. In case of poisoning, seek medical treatment immediately.
4. Silica gel can be reused after regeneration due to its adsorption of water vapor or other organic substances in the medium during use.

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