What does organic silica gel need to notice when storing in summer?

2020/9/29 9:17:16

In summer, the temperature is relatively high, so it is necessary to pay attention to the storage of items, especially the storage of silicone. If not paid attention to, it will lead to the deterioration of colloids, affecting the use. In this way, the cost will increase a lot, so in the summer, how to store the silicone needs to know.

How to store silicone in summer?
1. Unused silicone gel shall be stored in a cool place to avoid exposure to the sun and degumentation, which may affect its use.
2, the storage place is not only cool, it is best to ventilate, so as to help air circulation, so that the storage of silicone can be better preserved, not susceptible to moisture.
3. Because there are many mosquitoes in summer, the storage place should be eliminated to avoid rats biting the rubber tube, which will make the air enter the rubber solution and cause waste.
4, no use of the glue solution, does not have the role of high temperature, so the storage environment temperature should not be too high, the glue solution in the environment of 50 or 60 degrees will become soft, bonding strength will decline.
5. No matter when the silicone is stored in summer or other seasons, it should be kept away from children to avoid accidental ingestion. Also, children should not play with the silicone as a toy. General silicone shelf life for 6 months, so try to be in the shelf life is kicked to death. It is recommended to finish the use in one use, because the remaining glue solution is not easy to do sealing treatment, a little careless will enter the air and cause the performance change.
6. If the silicone accidentally expires when stored in the summer, the first thing is to observe whether the gel is cured. If it is not cured, it can be tested. Because the longer the shelf life, the worse the effect.

As for the storage requirements of silicone silicone in summer, it has better performance and can be used for bonding and fixing electronic parts. It can be purchased and stored in large quantities. However, it should be noted that it is better to buy products of big brands, such as Cosmore, focusing on the research of silicone and providing customized silicone application solutions.

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