The core characteristics of silicone products and other factors.

2020/10/11 10:08:26

The first rebound of silicone rubber product is the core characteristic of silicone rubber material. Silicon is soft and elastic in nature. Therefore, many manufacturers of silicone rubber products first need to determine the tensile strength of their products. For example, silicone rubber products in the process of stretching will not rebound, deformation, no resilience, there is rebound but no tensile strength and other factors, the performance of different products are different. For example, the seal ring needs a strong rebound to keep it sealed. Silicone rubber liners require good resilience for cushioning and other factors.

Environmental protection and aging resistance are also important. Mainly suitable for high and low temperature resistance, high heat, high voltage, high fuel consumption and other fields. Different rubber materials can be used in different environments, such as antistatic, conductive silicone materials. Heat resistant gaseous silicone rubber can be used to resist high temperatures, while ozone can be used to resist ultraviolet light.

In fact, for different raw material sources of manufacturers, the raw material formula and raw material types are different, including different mixture added, adding proportion is different. The allocation of raw material manufacturers are also different, so remind you in the silicone rubber products before custom, the first confirmed silicone rubber products need what kind of effect to confirm, then go to the glue and formula do not need to change, otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble.

Add calcium carbonate to the original formula.
In today's silicone rubber industry, this is an "open secret". The feasibility of this method lies in the fact that there is no calcium carbonate in the silicone rubber formula, and the properties of the 30 pieces of calcium carbonate mixture have little change, so it is feasible.
Second: add the recycled glue on the basis of the original formula.
The reason of this method is that the function of the regenerated rubber is between the rubber and the filler, and the performance of the regenerated rubber mixture with an additional 30-50 parts does not change much.

For example: replace ginseng powder with high-quality ingredients that exceed LFGB and cannot be detected by FDA.
Fifthly, the great compression of gelatinizing time.
For example: originally 20 minutes, find a way to become 10 minutes. The reason may be that the formulation of silicone rubber plays a decisive role, while the process is relatively minor.
Third, replace most expensive plasticizers (such as DOS) in the original formulation with cheaper plasticizers (such as DOP).
This method is tested by a few manufacturers, think expensive high grade plasticizer and cheap plasticizer effect is same, put much put little are same.
Reduce the grade of silicone rubber raw materials, or change the purchase of the same brand of low-cost suppliers.

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