How to achieve the high gloss surface of silica gel products?

2020/10/12 9:44:25

With the continuous development of the silica gel industry and the continuous improvement of the silica gel process, the silica gel is developing continuously with its excellent characteristics and advantages of environmental protection and non-toxicity, and has been spread to all aspects of life, and is loved by the masses. However, the silica gel mold processing factory sometimes in order to meet the requirements of customers, in order to ensure the quality of silica gel products, but also to achieve the high gloss on the surface of silica gel products, in order to increase the beauty of silica gel products, so how to achieve the glossiness of the surface of silica gel products?

First of all, the high gloss of the surface of the silicone product is in the form of high-quality silicone products, and the high gloss is made from the mold of the highly polished silicone product. To achieve the gloss of the silicone surface, the quality of the mold must be guaranteed. So, how should we ensure the quality of silicone molds?

1. Make sure to choose the appropriate hardness silica gel according to the size of the product when making the mold. Only by doing this can the silicone products have better gloss and more beautiful appearance.

2. Silicone oil cannot be added to the gel, because the greater the amount of silicone oil added, the softer the mold, the lower the tensile force and the tearing strength, the silicone will naturally not last and the service life will be reduced.

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