How to solve the silica gel color master color error?

2020/10/13 9:45:14

The silica gel master has a wide range of applications, which can be applied to the coloring of silica gel buttons, silicone jackets of various electronic products, silica gel miscellaneous parts, silica gel tubes, silica gel cable accessories, food tableware, mobile phone pendants, cartoon toys, auto parts and other daily silica gel supplies.

Because the silica gel color masterbatch is relatively more and less than the added amount for the manufacturer of silica gel products, there will be different problems in the feeding of silica gel masterbatch.

Different companies use the same formula to prepare the same organic silicon color masterbatch, but the color of the configured organic silicon products is still different.

According to the sample provided by the customer, the configured color has been tested by the operator and reached the conclusion of no error. However, there will still be some small error when the formula is delivered to the customer's hand. What's the matter? How to solve the silica gel color master color error?

In fact, the problem may not be in our silicone masterbatch. The following editors investigate each one.

The no.1 thing we need to solve is to modify the weighing tool to see if the tool used to weigh the silicon color masterbatch is correct.

Next, check whether the accuracy of the weighing tool is correct. If the accuracy of the formula is required to reach 1/1000, then the weighing tool only needs to reach the percentile, so it doesn't need to consider what the problem is. That is, the weighing is not accurate enough.

Then there is a light source problem, usually you need to compare the silicone master with a fixed light source.

If the recipe is accurate to the thousandths place, and the weighing tool is only accurate to the hundredths place, then you know without thinking what the problem is? That is, the weighing is not accurate enough.

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