What are the common problems in the processing of silica gel products?

2020/10/16 9:59:50

In 2020 with all kinds of idea and concept of stroke, we found that the silica gel products customized development became the rule, the people more and more people are purchasing is not used mold processing production of products that others do, not with the price of the product is not only will make do with, but need to have our own concept design, so the silicone products customized has spread to any geographical and product, more and more people want to customize process a product. So silica gel products custom processing need to pay attention to what details?

First of all, the development and design, product structure of the core of a product is copy number on the drawing design need after the completion of the multiple audits, if the design of the product is very uncertain as to prevent change mould structure of the premise, can open a sample mold to reduce risk, make a hand in the production after confirm the production mold, the mold processing according to the demand of products to choose mold size, the number of delivery can't satisfy the you can choose to develop more holes.
In addition to the structure of product customization for hard softness cooperation degree standard silicone products, whether can achieve the result that you want is important, the different hard softness can achieve the use of different effect, and for appearance that is one of the market investigation and research on the choice of the color, in addition to product selection of raw materials is very important, can choose different tensile resilience and high purity raw materials!

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