What is the appropriate hardness range of silicone products for different purposes

2020/10/19 9:42:43

Choose silicone products with different hardness for different applications. The minimum hardness can be about 10 degrees. Generally, the hardness of commonly used silicone products is 30~80°. This is also the hardness of ordinary silicone products and is suitable for most silicone products. .

For consumers who don't know the material of silicone, the physical hardness of silicone rubber products is half-understood, and there is no change in the appearance of the product. It needs to be understood from the relationship between the formula and various physical properties.
But for friends who are new to silicone products, if the hardness of the silicone is not known, the hardness of the silicone parts we use will also be uncertain. Therefore, this easily leads to silicone product demanders not knowing what hardness can better match the product when customizing silicone products, so the hardness of the silicone will be adjusted later.

Different silicone products have their unique performance and process requirements. For example, the silicone seals and accessories of silicone products manufacturers can choose the most suitable polymer for blending. In terms of softness and hardness, it can closely fit the functions of sealing, shock absorption, water and oil resistance, and the physical properties of the softness and hardness of silicone products

Most of the silicone products are made of silicone rubber, and the molding process is mostly hydraulic molding. The lower the hardness is not only not conducive to the swing of the product, but also because of the semi-fluid internal structure that produces bubbles during the high temperature vulcanization process, so we For this kind of products, the requirements for choosing silicone materials will be very high, and the best vulcanizing agent must be used to solve it by increasing the power of the vacuum machine and improving the mold structure.
Silicone products have good toughness and elasticity and are not easily affected by external forces. This is because the surface layer will spray a layer of grease-like substance, which will feel smoother to the touch. It is mainly used in construction machinery, automobiles, electronic products, household appliances, toys, medical treatment, sports equipment and other industries. It has the functions of shock absorption, anti-static, high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, sealing, flame retardant, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.
Lower degree and softer silicone products, suitable for silicone facial masks, silicone breast pads, silicone breast films, etc.

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