How to understand the viscosity of liquid silica gel?

2020/10/20 9:36:47

Liquid silica gel can be divided into addition type silica gel and condensation type silica gel, also can be called food grade silica gel and industrial grade silica gel. The names vary according to different uses, fields and regions. Liquid silica gel can be used for the silica gel used in the construction industry complex molds, food molds, part molds of human models, printing industry pad printing silicone heads, silk screen silicone, and directly made into silicone products for use, such as pacifiers, milk stickers, Insoles, glasses nose pads, sealing rings, etc. Today I want to explain to you the knowledge about the viscosity of liquid silicone.

First of all, let’s talk about the pad printing silica gel used for plastic heads. Its viscosity is close to 50 degrees of hardness. The raw materials are relatively thick, and the molecular weight of each other is relatively close. It has no fluidity. Of course, for plastic heads As the product is relatively hard, it is necessary to adjust the viscosity of the diluted silica gel with silicone oil to achieve the required fluidity, and finally complete the hardness of the pad printing rubber head!

Food mold silicone is divided into hardness, the thicker the silicone, the higher the hardness, the thinner, the better the fluidity, the lower the hardness! Therefore, the hardness and color can be adjusted according to customer needs! This raw material has excellent high temperature resistance, the temperature can reach 300-500 degrees, food grade, non-toxic and tasteless, and has passed FDA food grade certification. It is soft, elastic, resistant to kinking and deformation; non-toxic, odorless, and non-yellowing , Long service life, cold and high temperature resistance, good fluidity, easy to infusion; it can be cured at room temperature or heated to cure, easy to operate!

The silk-screened silicone material is also relatively thick, suitable for one-time forming of non-slip point plastic processing, used for quick thickness, strong three-dimensional sense of silicone, and strong adhesion! If you are doing a printing pattern trademark operation, you can adjust the fluidity through the thinner, which can be used to increase the brightness of the cover, better highlight the vividness and flexibility of the pattern, and make the effect more natural and beautiful!

The higher the viscosity, the more compact the cross-linked molecular weight, and the higher the hardness. The viscosity of liquid silica gel has different advantages for different product raw materials. Therefore, in the operation of different products, it is necessary to select the appropriate silica gel raw materials. For the operation of different products, it is used for different softness and hardness. Communicate with suppliers according to the actual product situation, and better adjust a targeted silicone material suitable for the product!

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