Are silicone spoons poisonous?

2020/10/22 9:35:31

Silicone rubber is a kind of amorphous substance. Its main ingredient is silicon dioxide. It can be made into a variety of special tools, such as silicone rubber soup spoons. Very large ones are usually used to feed the baby. In fact, long-term feeding of the baby can easily cause the baby to rely on the mental state. Parents should learn to encourage the child's consciousness. Is the silicone rubber soup spoon poisonous?

First, is the silicone rubber soup ladle poisonous? The selection of baby kitchen materials should be based on the baby's specific needs. Parents must choose non-toxic, harmless, and quality products that pass customs. Silicone rubber is a common raw material for baby bottle nipples. The material is soft, it is not easy to damage the tender gums of the baby, the ductility is good, it is not easy to deform, it can withstand the bite of the baby, and the material is safe. Infiltrate. What needs to be shown is that the silicone rubber soft-head spoon generally means that the spoon head is made of silicone rubber, and the spoon handle is not made of silicone rubber. Generally, PP material is mostly used. Be careful to choose a baby soup spoon that can be sterilized by high temperature and has a rounded edge without burrs or sharp edges.

Second, because silicone rubber itself is an environmental protection material, and can be tested according to FDA food grade, it is a non-toxic and harmless product. However, it is important to show here that not all products can be tested by the FDA, which is very much related to the raw materials of silicone rubber and its production and processing plants. It is recommended to refer to the business scale of the production and processing plant, in other words to find some more famous tableware brands to buy, after all, it is something you want to eat.

Third, the shape and design of the soup spoon are exactly the same, mainly with a round mouth, some are rounder, and some are oval. The ring-shaped soup spoon can be used to feed baby rice paste and other pastes, while the oval-shaped soup spoon is more suitable for feeding nourishing soup, etc., which can be easily delivered into the baby's mouth. In addition to the general function, there is also a soup spoon with temperature sensor for beginners and parents-the head of the soup spoon is operated by a temperature sensor. When the temperature of the food exceeds 40 ℃, the soup spoon will fade, and the baby will be properly maintained. Sensitive mouth.

Is silicone rubber soup ladle poisonous? Silicone rubber is accepted by European and American countries as a new environmentally friendly material. However, many "silicone rubber soup spoons are harmful to the body" are concentrated on whether the silicone glue is harmful. Soft silicone rubber materials are often combined with hard plastic materials or metal materials. Superglue uses hot vulcanized rubber processing technology under high temperature, and the silicone rubber products bonded after superglue organic solvent evaporates can be verified according to food-grade safety.

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