Do you know how to maintain the liquid silicone phone case?

2020/10/24 9:36:33

Due to the widespread use of liquid silicone mobile phone cases, many friends are not unfamiliar with liquid silicone mobile phone cases. However, as many users are not sure about the maintenance method of mobile phone cases, there are many discarded silicone mobile phone cases, which is very wasteful. Resources are also prone to pile up garbage.

Liquid silicone mobile phone cases can be maintained as follows:
For liquid silicone mobile phone cases, you only need to clean up some dust and low-viscosity stains. You can use a wet towel or a clean cloth to wipe. If it is some corners, you can choose to use cotton swabs where it is not easy to wipe. Or a small brush will do. When the mobile phone case is stuck with some stubborn stains, oils, and other liquids, the simple way will certainly not be able to solve it. At this time, we can choose to use a cleaner and a small brush. Soak it in the clean water of the agent. It is recommended that the soaking time be more than 10 minutes. After soaking, use a small brush to treat the mobile phone cover, and finally wash it with clean water. Liquid silicone has high transparency. If a colorless liquid silicone phone case is used, yellowing may occur over time. The treatment method is very simple. If you have vinegar nearby, you can use vinegar to treat the phone case. Soak the phone in the vinegar for 4 to 8 minutes. After taking out the phone case, rinse it off with water and dry it with a towel. .

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