What is the reason for the uneven curing of mold silicone?

2020/10/28 9:35:35

Mold Silicone When making a silicone mold, it is necessary to mix and stir the liquid mold silicone and curing agent/catalyst according to a certain ratio. These three steps are indispensable links, and they are also a major factor in the uneven curing of mold silicone.

1. During the mixing process after the mold silicone is mixed with the curing agent, due to uneven and insufficient mixing, it will also cause uneven curing of the mold silicone. Especially the bottom and the wall of the container are most easily overlooked during mixing. Part of the liquid should be hung down for stirring. Also, the stirring time cannot be too short.

2. Uneven curing of the addition mold silicone is a common problem, mainly due to problems in the operation link. For example, the mold opening master has smoking behavior during the operation, and the smoke contains substances that cause the addition mold silicone to not cure. Addition mold silica gel is more sensitive to water, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, organotin or heavy metal elements. Once the substances containing these elements come into contact, uneven curing will occur.

3. The ratio of mold silicone to curing agent is not normal. If the ratio is estimated or based on feeling, the ratio will be wrong. If the amount of curing agent is small, it will not only cause the mold silicone to cure slowly, but in serious cases, it will not cure. Evenly.

The occurrence of the above three situations will lead to uneven curing of the mold silicone, and ultimately lead to the mold scrapping, which is a waste of time and materials. In order to avoid non-curing, try to pay attention to details when operating the mold silicone to open the mold.

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