Is liquid silicone anti-static?

2020/10/29 9:52:58

Does liquid silicone have anti-static function? Anti-static silica gel is aimed at the static electricity of electronic components and can play a very good effect. But some people may ask, can ordinary liquid silica gel have an insulating effect? In order to achieve insulation and sealing effects, many electronic components on the market choose to use liquid silicone for testing! So the question is, can liquid silica gel have an insulating effect?

First of all, liquid silicone has excellent transparency, tear strength, resilience, yellowing resistance, thermal stability, water resistance, good air permeability, heat aging resistance and weather resistance, at the same time the viscosity is moderate, easy to handle, and the product has high transparency ! Before vulcanization, silica gel is colorless or slightly yellow transparent or translucent liquid. The product is divided into A and B two-component packaging. When using, the two components are fully mixed evenly according to a certain ratio. At a certain temperature, it can be vulcanized into an elastomer! Silicone is mainly used in molds, injection molding processes, cake molds and other silicone products. It is widely used in the electronics industry as a moisture-proof, smuggled, insulating coating and potting material for electronic components, and dust-proof electronic components and assemblies , Moisture-proof, shock-proof and insulation protection.

So, don’t worry, liquid silica gel can play an insulating role, and it has been widely used now. General liquid silica gel has an insulating effect.

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