How to judge the quality of products from the appearance of silicone rubber products?

2020/10/30 9:42:24

First of all, silicone rubber products have good heat resistance. The heat resistance here includes high temperature and low temperature. Silicone resin, such as silicone products, is a high temperature resistant material. The organic silicon products produced are naturally very high temperature resistant. The highest temperature can reach 240 degrees and the lowest temperature can reach -40 degrees. Generally speaking, in terms of expertise, this requires manufacturers to master all aspects. Each process must be strictly controlled so that each silicone rubber product produced can achieve high quality.

Secondly, it is easy to clean. Silicone products are waterproof products and will not change in water. This is inherent in silicone products. In addition, the prepared silica gel product can be boiled and sterilized in high-temperature hot water, and can also be cleaned in a washing machine or dishwasher without damaging the silica gel product.

In addition, silicone products are not only widely used in medicine, but also silicone rubber products are also excellent sealing materials, insulating materials and isolation membranes. It can be widely used in electronic appliances, machinery, construction, chemical industries and other industries; silicone rubber can be used to manufacture automobile hoses, shaft seals, connecting sheaths, etc.; when used for a long time, the spatial organization of silicone rubber materials is also very messy, but the chemical properties It is also very stable. In addition to general chemicals and strong acids and bases, general weak acids and bases will not change, which brings good performance to silicone rubber products.

In short, silica gel is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material. Many people have misunderstood. Some people even say that silica gel is a toxic substance. In fact, these are all misunderstandings. Silicone pacifiers made of silicone are well-known products. Silicone pacifiers are silicone products made of silicone, which are different from ordinary kitchen silicone products only in the production process.

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