What should I do if the mold release of silicone products is not good?

2020/11/5 9:50:03

In the production process of silicone products, the demolding of silicone products is the most critical step. No matter who is more or less will encounter the problem of difficult demolding. If the problem of difficult demolding is very serious, it will seriously affect the silicone products. How to solve the problem of difficult mold release? Several methods for forming difficult mold release are introduced below for reference.

1. Adjustment of mold temperature
Products like to stick to the lower half of the mold temperature. When the upper mold temperature is 175°C and the lower mold temperature is 165°C, the product usually sticks to the lower mold when the mold is lifted.

2. Spray treatment

In the molding process of silicone products, the silicone product does not stick to either side of the mold or to which mold spray, but it is sometimes difficult to stick.
Solution: spray bottle or other clean water, if you want the product to stick, after spraying, the product will stick to where you want to stick.

Third, the surface treatment of the mold
1. The molding molds of silicone products should be cleaned before being applied to the hydraulic molding machine, especially the newly unloaded molds must be sandblasted first.
2. Choose different detergents for molds.
3. The sandblasted mold must be heated to a sufficient temperature before placing the mold, and the release agent must be sprayed well before molding.
Note: Electroplating molds cannot be sandblasted, including resin sand.

In short, the arrival of every touch device may be a new silicone product. The production process of new products is different, so most of the time it is more challenging. Manufacturers of miscellaneous silicone parts are manufacturers of production technology and strength.

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