How is the glowing silicone bracelet made?

2020/11/6 9:49:35

Why do silicone bracelets glow at night? This is a classic question, and here's what I'll add. Please also advise. As the name suggests, the silicone bracelet is formed by silica gel material at high temperature and manufactured through multiple processes. Usually ordinary hand ring don't shine, but is very delicate, wear on the hand particularly good-looking, especially green, because environmental protection, so there's an atmosphere of harmony with nature, but luminous hand ring is different, although the raw material and process about the same, but a certain amount of luminous powder is added to the original silica gel material, noctilucent powder, luminescent material has a special crystal structure and absorption of sunlight during the day, at night to a different color.

Silica gel itself is a kind of environmentally friendly non-toxic materials, although noctilucent powder is rare earths, but also is non-toxic, with general fluorescent powder, no radioactive noctilucent powder, with short light but photosynthetic efficiency, luminous life can reach more than 20 years, generally in the short time after DianDengGuang or sunlight, follow-up time generally in three hours, light is equal to the absorbed energy, finally released energy model, almost in accordance with the law of conservation of energy.

Silicone bracelet adorn article has been selling the world's biggest consumer market, of course, different class market will exist in different quality and price difference, this will determine the quality of products, so different silicone manufacturer used in the process of production and processing of raw materials and production process nature is little not, if from the aspects of silica gel to differentiate between the product quality and processing technology, how do you think?

To distinguish according to appearance and feeling:
The fake silicone bracelet is of poor quality, easy to break, extremely poor hand feeling, and easy to be deformed. However, after extrusion, the bracelet is not deformed at all, so it is likely that these silicone bracelet materials have been doped with impurities. The hardness and elasticity of the bracelet will lose its original function, so it will not deform.
High quality silicone bracelet: The silicone bracelet feels smooth and has a nice appearance. Some elasticity, such as after being squeezed through just a few pull will be restored. Generally speaking, the bracelet will be polished or frosted on the mold before production, so there won't be a layer of grease on the bracelet. If the mold surface is not done any treatment, the bracelet will only be rougher than the surface, and will not feel smooth; If the mold is not done any treatment, the bracelet will only feel smooth; If the bracelet contains a layer of grease, it is unqualified silicone products.

Quality difference:
Poor silicone bracelet: the rough edge of the basic overhand ring is uneven, and the knife edge is rough. The back plate is relatively rough and has wear marks on the front. It may contain chemicals that are not good for your health.
High quality silicone bracelet: The quality requirements are very strict. The hairy corners are flat and smooth. Not easily deformed. I feel very nervous. Stylish repellent bracelet with double functions of decorative and repellent.

High quality silica gel bracelet has extrusion resistance, no deformation, high temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, safety, green environmental protection, not only has a decorative role, but also has a certain mosquito-repellent, health care functions, more practical value.

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