The advantages of moulded silica gel products and the causes affecting the unqualified silica gel products

2020/11/7 11:38:17

Impact test analysis of the causes of unqualified silicone products, silicone products health security is the European and American countries attach great importance to the problem, has repeatedly found that silica gel products, preview and sampling is unqualified, silica gel products health indicators unqualified reason of silicone products and needs us to the following three aspects to improve raw material quality control is lax.

Production process is not standard, due to the particularity of silica gel tableware safety requirements, food silicone products is very strict with production process, after molding, products need enough time to seal to remove volatile substances, some factories in pursuit of efficiency, the products do not meet enough processing time of the products use condition does not pass, the European Union and other countries require strict product testing according to the foreseeable use manner, most of the factory only according to the liquid silicone customer samples production, the product didn't understand the purpose and use condition, when dealing with the third party testing is also blind, even with the product the foreseeable conditions of use obvious inconsistency.

Some factories do not pay much attention to the raw materials used in kitchen utensils. Without the inspection of raw materials, they use the silicone raw materials with low quality grade for the production of food tools and tools. The silicone buttons or unqualified colorants and auxiliaries are used for coloring in the production process, resulting in unqualified products' hygiene.

The secondary vulcanization of silica gel products is also called post-vulcanization. The role of the secondary vulcanization of silica gel products factory: When silicone rubber is vulcanized by peroxides, the decomposition of peroxides leads to the reaction of high polymers and the formation of low-molecular compounds (such as benzene and benzoic acid, etc.) in the rubber will affect the mechanical properties of rubber.

Silica gel is a kind of granular, bo silicone buttons manufacturer glass, porous silica from synthetic preparation in the form of sodium silicate, silica gel is higher than ordinary household gelatin and AGAR gel sample hardness, it is refined and processed into any granular or bead form of naturally occurring mineral, scope of application of soft rubber pad, sex products, packing bag shoulder pads, software, toys gifts, bait, etc., so what are the advantages of molded silicone products.
1. High and low temperature resistance (-30 ° C to +260 ° C).
2. Waterproof, fireproof and dustproof.
3. Tensile, tear resistant, seismic, stable performance, rubber products.
4. High abrasion resistance, high pressure resistance, softness, non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection.

5, Can achieve food grade and various related certification, commonly used as the catalyst carrier in fluidized bed operation when used as catalyst carrier, is usually the silicone impregnated in containing catalytic rubber keys active component in the solution, make the solution absorption in the silica gel inside the pore, after drying, the activation procedures, such as the active component in silica gel on the surface, made of silica gel pore structure on the nature of the load type catalyst has important influence, such as silica gel pore volume, pore size distribution, etc.

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