How to ensure the safety of food grade silicone?

2020/11/9 9:37:50

In life, the silicone case is a more commonly used product, both in domestic and foreign sales have certain requirements on the appearance, such as some of the size offset, the product's rough edge, whether the color is adjusted to the best. However, if these problems are not solved, they will be exported to customers or dealers! That consequence can let a silica gel products manufacturer really dare not think, especially export products, if due to a moment of negligence lead to problems, it is who can not bear!

No matter any business, any transaction, any goods will be the focus of attention on the quality of both sides, so when the silicone products have become an indispensable thing in our life, there are different conclusions can be summarized on the quality.

In recent years, food-grade silicone products, which have been closely followed by consumers, are common in our sight. However, in real life, are there or can we really call them food grade? Is it food grade enough? The professionals all know that the raw material of silica gel is made of natural resin, so after the mixing of silicone rubber, silicone oil and silane, the raw material can also be called food grade silica gel?

So what are the food grade silicone not food grade? If you come across a favorite silicone product on the street and you can test the pull strength, the white substance appears in the stretch state of the product that proves that it is not made of food-grade silicone raw material, and it is not made of food-grade silicone.

The characteristics of food-grade silica gel raw materials are that it is a highly transparent product, which does not change yellow and has strong tear resistance. The product is non-toxic and tasteless, and can be used as a highly transparent life product. Therefore, I can also tell you that food grade silicone products are only used in the raw materials are approved by THE FDA, and in other processes whether there will be other substances is to see how the manufacturers make it!

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