How long can a silicone spoon last, and why is it suitable for babies?

2020/11/10 9:46:42

Silicone baby spoon is a new product in recent years, with environmental protection, colorful and other advantages, made of food-grade silicone, non-toxic and harmless, rest assured use! Disadvantages: Because the silica gel spoon is soft, it will not cause harm to the baby. Compared with the ceramic material, it is easy to break, so the silica gel spoon can be safely thrown on the ground. But silicone spoons have a downside, as they can be a bit more expensive than traditional ingredients.

Baby spoon is best to use food grade silicone spoon, silicone nipple is commonly used raw materials, soft texture, will not harm the baby's delicate gums, good elasticity, not easy to deformation, can resist the baby's chewing, and the material is safe, can be boiled disinfection, no harmful substances oozing. It should be noted that the soft head spoon usually refers to the head of the spoon silicone material, the spoon is not silica gel material, generally used PP material. Attention should be paid to the selection of high temperature disinfection, smooth edges without burrs and sharp baby spoon.

Silicone spoon in the function has a good advantage, can prevent breaking, and has a good softness, color and feel are very prominent, so suitable for most of the children's tableware use, the advantage of the silicone spoon, than most plastic temperature application range is wider, can be used for microwave oven, oven, cooking disinfection; On the silicon spoon, the advantages are resistant to cleaning, not easy to stain, and not easy to chemical reaction with external substances.
Features and Benefits:
The appearance is two-color, the inside and outside colors complement each other, seamless, smooth surface, feel comfortable
Soft high tension silica gel raw material, can be used for a long time for a variety of food, very suitable for restaurants.
Feel comfortable, easy to clean, just wash the water can be restored clean, can be used repeatedly.
Soft, non-toxic, environmentally friendly silicone material, can directly contact the skin, no harm.
Washing long, reusable, easy to clean, as long as gently wipe can restore clean.
High toughness material, with good elongation and resilience, the use of high tensile strength phase adhesive raw material production and processing custom.

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