Which liquid silica gel can be used as a mask?

2020/11/11 9:59:40

Liquid silica gel, also known as two-component ROOM temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, is composed of silica gel and curing agent, which can be cured at room temperature. Liquid silica gel at ROOM temperature vulcanized silica gel consists of condensed industrial grade silica gel and molded food grade silica gel. The curing agent of condensed industrial grade silica gel is organic tin curing agent, which has a slight pungent smell. The curing agent of molded food grade silica gel is platinum catalyst, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, and has no harm to human body.

Both food-grade silica gel and condensed industrial-grade silica gel can be divided into many kinds of hardness. Generally, the hardness is based on Shao A hardness, and the hardness is divided into three levels: low hardness silica gel from 0 to 15 degrees, medium hardness from 20 to 30 degrees, and high hardness from 35 to 60 degrees. Different hardness, the use is not the same, for the product is not the same.

High hardness of liquid silica gel from 35 degrees to 60 degrees are basically used for high precision casting silicone mold, in this case, the requirement of liquid silica gel mold shrinkage rate is very low, not easy to deformation, high temperature resistance and other performance requirements. At the same time, large size building materials cultural stone, the size of more than 2 meters is generally used to make the mold with this high hardness of silica gel.

Medium hardness liquid silica gel from 20 degrees to 30 degrees of use is relatively extensive point, the general market most of the size of the product is able to do directly with this hardness. Ordinary size of the plaster line decoration pieces are used 25-30 degrees of silica gel to open the mold, resin crafts to put pieces of brush mold or pouring mold are used 30 degrees of silica gel to open the mold. In terms of cots, liquid silica gel can also meet the requirements. Hongtu liquid silica gel is also popular with customers for cots. The operation is very simple, as long as the liquid silica gel is stirred evenly in accordance with a certain ratio and then poured into the mold to solidify and form.

So what does 15 degrees of low hardness silicone do? 15 degrees of liquid silica gel can do profiled plasterline silicone mold, because its softness is better, tensile properties are good, it is easier to bend profiled plasterline, so condensation type industrial grade silica gel 15 degrees is very suitable for making profiled plasterline. Human silicone 15 degrees can be used to simulate human skin masks or human skin models. Food silica gel mold can also be made with food grade silicone with a low hardness of 15 degrees. DIY candle moulds also use this soft silica gel to make filling or cladding moulds.

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