Top silicone + Simulation to create "female robot"

2020/11/12 10:22:39

With the continuous development of intelligent technology, intelligent things appear in our life, such as smart phones. Now there are also intelligent robots, such as sweeping robots and so on. Intelligent technology will bring us great changes. Now some places have used intelligent robots to deliver express. Although it has not been widely used, these intelligent robots will serve us in a large area in the near future. And now the research of intelligent robot has gradually changed to the humanoid.

I believe many of you have heard that fembot is coming, because Japan has announced their own intelligent female robot, and we have also released an intelligent female robot in China, she is Jia Jia. But our country's female robots are better than Japan's female robots. "Female robot" is popular, top silicone + simulation production, male users expressed very satisfied! Once these female robots were released, they caused a frenzy among men.

It is well known that many products are now subject to market research before being released, and these female robots are no exception. According to the survey data, the female robots are still popular on the whole, and male users say they are very satisfied. Why is that? In fact, the reason is relatively simple. First of all, these female robots are made of top-grade silicone + simulation, which leads to the fact that these female robots are very similar to real people. The skin is made of top-grade silicone, which makes them different from real people, and even smoother than real people. And the five features are simulated production, very realistic.

And the female robot is very powerful. We all know that most men spend their days at work, are tired every day, and come home very tired. There's no cleaning or cooking to worry about, but with this female robot, men don't have to worry about that anymore. These female robots can not only do housework but also cook, which is very convenient. And still can feel host mood change, bring comfort to them.

"Female robot" is popular, top silicone + simulation production, male users expressed very satisfied! What do you think about that?

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