The black technology method is easy to disguise and simulates the face silicone mask!

2020/11/13 17:23:27

In some of our classic martial arts novels, we often talk about disguise, human skin masks and so on. The cunning agents in "Mission: Impossible" often use realistic masks as disguise to deceive opponents. Every time Tom wears a mask to do a task, he wins steadily. So can the current mask technology really achieve "disguise"? How is the effect? It is worth mentioning that mask technology is now advancing by leaps and bounds, making the storylines in TV, novels, movies, etc., from impossible to possible in reality.

Researchers from York University in the United Kingdom and Kyoto University in Japan have discovered that ultra-realistic silicone masks can be used to disguise as anyone you want to disguise, as fine as freckles, wrinkles, and hair. They can all be very real, making it difficult for us to distinguish. true and false.

According to this mask technology, a foreign research team conducted an experiment. The research data was published in the journal Cognitive Research: Principles and Investigations. The researchers showed participants from the UK and Japan a group of photos, one group of ordinary people, and the other group of people wearing silicone masks. . Participants must choose which one is wearing a mask, but 20% of them choose the wrong one. Researchers predict that the error rate in the real world will be higher. This is because people may not be aware of the authenticity of the mask, that is to say, many people now think that this kind of mask only exists in novels or in film and television works. Earlier, it was reported that a person wearing a mask had committed a crime posing as a French minister.

In fact, this kind of "human skin mask" is not a new technology. Previously, the American technology company Bellus 3D has produced several real "human skin masks"-they collect the user's facial information through the mobile phone APP, and then use 3D printing Technology to print out the mask.

In the future, we may see more such products come out. For example, these silicone masks are currently priced at around £1,000 each. With the advancement of manufacturing technology, they will be cheaper and their application range will become more and more. Wider.

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