What are the advantages of silicone tubing in medical products?

2020/11/17 10:01:34

In multiple industries, liquid transmission, potting cohesion article belongs to pipe the essential way of operation, so the article tube basic belongs to any industry can be a class of products, among them with different transmission material chooses different article tube, such as PVC pipe, plastic pipe and special rubber hose and so on, but in some ways must be applied to environmental safety material to ensure the transmission of liquid flow, the article will have to use organic silicone tube material, currently in common life and medical industry, more outstanding performance and silicone rubber tube what?

Choose organic silicone materials in the medical industry one of the reasons is that the silica gel products keep good hydrophobic, has the very good density under the condition of the lack of surface active strengthening agent, water quality and water it mutually harmony, so the routine use of relatively stable, but due to the particularity of micro molecular materials, silicone tube does not conflict with any material, so used for medical treatment is not easy to breed bacteria, can be transmitted and different drugs as well as water quality does not destroy the quality of the liquid, so the article silicone tube in the medical industry can provide a good drug protection.

Good performance is one of the keys to it, in addition also has a prominent place in appearance and craft, and silica gel has different refractive index, because making silicone elastomer hose consists of organic silicon polymer and amorphous silica, permeability rate and the effect of different article or add mold silicone tube factory, mold an association, mould mirror effect can achieve good transparency, translucent mist side effect is reached, the essence of it is translucent and transparent exterior shape, can clearly see the tube of the internal flow of liquid and the material can be reassuring, so products compared with some common thermoplastic rubber hose, However, the natural color of many thermoplastic tubes mostly belongs to turbidness and semi-permeability, with low permeability and performance unable to achieve the expected effect of use, which is not easy to be used for medical liquid transmission in the process of use.

Silicone rubber tube has a different production process, compare common processing ways are extrusion molding, product by the vertical hole mold as the raw material extrusion through the mould shape curing under high temperature strength, product curing time is short, simple molding process, length can be infinitely extended, article tube appearance shape can do except circular square and a variety of cross-section shape appearance, this new process is suitable for a variety of industries use article tube, in health and life electrical appliances, daily use around environment can be used.

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