Why are there so many female robots?

2020/11/18 10:00:55

This day and age, it seems that everything is very normal, as there is no supermarket, no hotel, and even don't need someone to open car, have to say now science and technology development speed is breathtaking, AI which is development heyday, for many people who love to study human body itself is very keen on, and the recent research and development of a Japanese company, had the new breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence, developed a female robot, everyone was surprised!

Since the launch of the Japanese robot, China, the United Kingdom has also launched a robot, but to say the most famous is the Japanese female simulation robot, Japanese simulation female robot! Stripped of clothes and silica gel, the interior structure is stunning! Their robot is very good, from the outside of the structure, and there is no difference with a real person, and the skin is soft, if you see it on the street, if you do not look carefully, basically can not be seen.

Always is famous for Japan and Germany are in detail, and the simulation robot from head to toe, even human hair done very lifelike, details are in place, but the most let a person shine at the moment or the internal structure of the robot, of course, it also has many functions, and ordinary robot, the robot can identify many complicated instructions, so some people think when using this robot, like to communicate with their friends, more convenient to switch to a variety of channels.

Actually now science and technology so developed, many robot was invented, it has become a normal thing, but for many's boyfriend, and fantasy to the robot, after all, Japan the simulation robot production process is very complex, and scientists study the internal structure of the human body, scientists also need to explore the internal structure of the robot, and explore the internal structure of it in the colleague, also remove the clothes and silica gel.

You will find that the simulation robot in Japan, after removal of silica gel, the internal structure of silica gel is very complicated, many functions, are made of imitating the structure of the human body, and there are a lot of the main line extends to the brain, just like we usually see on TV in the future robots, and the human brain is actually very similar, and remove the clothes and silica gel, after only a bare human body model, the internal structure is made of modern metal, and the difference is very big, in them, whether you feel shine at the moment?

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