The status and development of silica gel in medical industry!

2020/11/19 9:43:42

Recognized by the medical profession, and more and more widely used. Many large companies regard medical silica gel as the main goal of development, and medical silica gel has made great progress. So far, China's medical silica gel lags far behind developed countries, with the following problems:

1. Few product varieties, few pharmaceutical products.
2. Small production scale, backward technology and high product cost.
3. Supporting production equipment has the advantages of low precision, low degree of automation, and unstable quality.
4. Most production methods cannot meet the requirements of GMP.
5. The products are mainly in the middle and low grades, but the serialization and matching are poor.
6. Lack of relevant requirements and standards for raw materials.

At present, most Chinese medical device manufacturers still choose to import medical silicone as the main raw material. In order to solve these problems as soon as possible, and narrow the gap with foreign, it is necessary to establish medical silicone material industry demonstration projects, the key breakthrough of implanted medical silicone material and equipment performance and quality evaluation technology, expand the scale of production, improve the grade of products, development of organic silicon edge discipline, to strengthen the application of organic silicone materials in drug controlled release preparations, and applied to various kinds of disease, drug delivery device), improve the quality of health care products standards and test methods.

In short, medical silica gel has been widely and important used in the fields of life science, medical devices, drugs and so on, but it still has great potential to be tapped. With the development of life science and the research on biological materials, it will make greater contribution to human society.

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