Take you to explore the manufacturing process and application of solid silicone doll!

2020/12/1 18:58:21

The production of physical dolls is divided into three stages. First, assemble the basic alloy frame. Furthermore, a polyurethane material (PU) as one of the main materials is attached to the skeleton and coated with silica gel or TPE. Finally, deburring and spraying are completed. Of course, there are many details in the production process, and only the last part, the third step, is collected here, because this process needs to be delicate, so most workers are women.

The first task is to reduce redundant burrs. Use only scissors with curved tips, smooth uneven surfaces and clean them at the same time. In addition, silica gel is easy to scratch due to the nature of the material itself, so it is also a technological activity to remove burrs with scissors.

Generally, hair is a wig, and there are also hair transplant models. While paying attention to the overall balance, it is hand-sewn with a special needle. Of course, the adhesion to the surface does not stop there, and even the bending angle can be repeated without compromising the prototype, and this quality is often very realistic. When changing the proportion of material composition formula, it can also create real wrinkles. As for the face, it is painted with a spray gun, and the area around the eyebrows is carefully painted with a makeup brush. In today's society, we have a realistic doll, which combines mold grinding and 3D scanning to create soft characters and clear facial contours. The feeling is that you can't even tell when you close your eyes. 

Physical dolls are all finished by hand, and the production master seems to pay special attention to avoid individual differences. For example, the curing speed of silica gel will be different between summer and winter. Customers have a sense of attachment to their own physical dolls, and are sensitive to the differences between form pictures and actual products. Nevertheless, craftsmen rely on experience and intuition to determine the state of materials, so as to create a sense of symmetry and make more uniform physical dolls. 

When you ask about the price of a physical doll, you will think it is very expensive. However, if you know that your doll has gone through various processes and crafts, you may think that the price is surprisingly reasonable. Generally, the production cycle of customized orders is 1-2 weeks, so if you are interested, now is the best time to start.

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