What is the difference between silicone gel and silicone rubber?

2020/12/7 9:34:25

Everyone knows that silicone products have a certain hardness range. Although they seem soft, if the mixture exceeds a certain hardness range, it will not meet the requirements. For example, products that are too hard or soft may be replaced by natural rubber and other synthetic rubber, and hardness that is too soft may also be replaced by different materials. For example, silicone gel is one of the materials. What is the difference between silicone rubber and silicone rubber?

Silicone gel also belongs to one of silica gel, and it is mainly formed in liquid state, which can reach -40 degree softness, and has high purity and strong elasticity. It belongs to semi-solidified state after being molded and solidified. It has good sealing performance and certain high temperature resistance when used as a variety of auxiliary sealing basic materials. When the raw materials are prepared, they will not be solidified when they are the same as silicone rubber raw materials, but after being fixed, they can form solidified bodies, and there will be no reaction changes during the fixed-line process!

Silicone rubber products belong to solid-state molding processing, which takes polymethylvinyl siloxane as the main body, and the raw materials are combined by various compounds such as white carbon black, siloxane and silicone resin as auxiliary materials. The finished products are molded by high-temperature molding and have good softness, and the hardness is between 20-80 degrees.

Different from silica gel products, it depends on processing methods and product materials. Silicone gel has better adaptability and environmental properties, and can be used in any substance. Silicone gel can heal automatically after being crushed by stress, and its density is tight, so it can be used for waterproof, moisture-proof and gas pollution-proof coating, pouring and potting protection of precision electronic components, backlight sources and electrical modules.

Silicone gel can be divided into many types of use, and our common medical materials and other materials will use medical grade silicone gel. Because of its soft performance below zero and automatic healing conditions, it can contact skin and human body for a long time.

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