Different uses of additive liquid silica gel with hardness from 0 degree to 60 degree.

2020/12/10 9:50:38

The hardness of additive liquid silica gel ranges from 0 degree to 60 degree, which is distinguished by one unit every 5 degrees in the middle. Additive liquid silica gel under each hardness has different uses. Generally, the hardness of additive liquid silica gel is divided into high hardness, medium hardness and soft hardness. The following describes the uses of silica gel matched with silica gel with different hardness.

High hardness addition liquid silica gel is about 40℃ to 60℃. After solidification and molding, silica gel with this hardness is basically inelastic and hard, and then its performance will be brittle. Silica gel of 40 to 60 degrees can be used as fixture mold or hand board mold, and some molds of more precise parts will also use liquid silica gel as mold. Because the higher the hardness of the mold silica gel, the smaller the shrinkage of the mold will be, and it is not easy to deform, which can achieve the effect of perfectly copying fine lines. The other is liquid silicone rubber cots.

The hardness of medium hardness additive silica gel is 10-30 degrees, and the additive silica gel in this hardness range is the most widely used, which is basically used to make simple small dies. Uses are soap, candles, food cakes and other molds. Because 10-30 degree silica gel is acceptable in tear resistance, tensile strength, or elongation rate, it can be used repeatedly in the process of mold turnover.

Soft and hard addition liquid silica gel is below 0 degree, which is also called human silica gel. What's the use of silicone below 0 degrees? Human silica gel below 0 degrees is mainly used to make adult toys, silicone medical models, simulated human models, etc. 0-degree human silicone is widely used in the fields of making simulated human mask headgear, medical suture practice model, etc. It has soft hand feeling, good elasticity and good surface effect without taking oil or sticking.

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