Have you used liquid silicone products? What are its advantages?

2020/12/11 18:41:50

Liquid silica gel products are made of liquid silica gel materials, which have the characteristics of good fluidity, quick vulcanization, safety and environmental protection, and can fully meet the requirements of food grade. Characteristics of liquid silicon products:

1. Resistance to chemicals, acid, alkali and various chemicals.

2. Good mechanical strength. Various mechanical strength products can be prepared according to customer requirements.

3. Good electrical insulation, excellent insulation and high temperature resistance, which far exceeds silicone rubber.

4. The unique injection molding process makes the error of the produced product smaller and can achieve the effect of no mold line at all.

The usage scenario is very demanding, which is usually used in medical, maternal and infant industries, because the safety and environmental protection performance of silica gel liquid products are better. 

Liquid silicone products, abbreviated as LSR in English, have good elasticity, waterproof and moisture-proof properties, and are resistant to corrosion by various chemicals such as acid and alkali. They can generally be used to replace household plastic products, such as the best-selling liquid silicone bottles and pacifiers.

At the same time, liquid silica gel is also a silica gel material used in human surgery. Whether it is plastic surgery industry or physiotherapy industry, it is inseparable from liquid silica gel, which does not contain any harmful substances and is not easy to deform. Stable performance and no curing agent added.

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