Is liquid silica gel harmful to human body?

2020/12/17 18:28:50

As we all know, there are two kinds of liquid silica gel, namely condensation type liquid silica gel and addition type liquid silica gel, which are often referred to as industrial grade glue and food grade glue. Condensed industrial grade liquid silica gel is mostly composed of silica gel and curing agent, with a ratio of 100; 2 or 100:3, that is, add 2% and 3% curing agent. The additive food-grade liquid silica gel is divided into component A and component B with a ratio of 1:1 or 10:1. Then the question is, is liquid silica gel poisonous?

First of all, we will talk about condensed industrial grade liquid silica gel. The colloid of industrial grade liquid silica gel mold silica gel is composed of white carbon black, 107-based glue and silicone oil, etc. These materials are non-toxic and have no irritating smell, so taking silica gel alone does not do much harm to human body. The curing agent of condensed industrial grade liquid silica gel belongs to organic tin compound, and the curing principle is that the organic tin substance in the curing agent absorbs the moisture of the air, so that the silica gel has a curing effect. However, organotin is a heavy metal substance, which will produce volatile pungent smell. Long-term exposure will stimulate people's respiratory nerve and central nerve, resulting in dizziness and vomiting. Therefore, condensed industrial-grade silica gel is nontoxic and tasteless, but the curing agent is slightly toxic. When the curing agent is added into silica gel, it will also produce odor after the silica gel is cured, so condensed liquid silica gel can only be used in the production of industrial molds, such as cement culture stone silica gel mold, plaster line silica gel mold, resin handicraft silica gel mold, etc.

The following describes the following additive liquid silica gel of food grade. The additive two-component liquid silica gel is divided into component A and component B according to the ratio of 1:1. Component A is silica gel and component B contains platinum catalyst. Platinum catalyst is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless material. Through the action of platinum catalyst, silica gel is crosslinked by temperature, and then solidified. The additive food-grade liquid silica gel is non-toxic and tasteless after curing and does no harm to human body, so the additive silica gel is non-toxic. The most extensive application of additive food grade silica gel is food silica gel mold and human body glue for sexual products, so it is absolutely required that the environmental protection of silica gel should not be careless. Food silicone mold products are directly used as food, and silicone is in direct contact with food, which requires environmental protection food grade. Human silica gel is mainly used for sex products and adult products, and has direct contact with human skin, so it is also required that silica gel be environmentally friendly food grade.

Therefore, if you have environmental protection requirements for silica gel, choose additive food-grade liquid silica gel; If it's only for industrial product molds, you can choose condensed industrial grade liquid silica gel.

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