What should be noted when making silicone using human molds?

2020/12/22 10:11:08

In the operation of human body mold silicone rubber is similar to the operation of food grade mold silicone rubber, the precautions and details are also. The operation ratio of silicone rubber for human body mold is silica gel: catalyst = 1:1, and the operation is very simple. The fluidity, viscosity and hardness of silicone rubber for human body mold need to be distinguished and compared according to the process and position of mold opening, and there will be differences between different processes and parts. However, its unique advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and no oil spillage are all possessed. Therefore, before operating the silicone rubber for human body mold, attention should be paid to the selection of mold opening mode and application, and the mold silicone rubber should be properly required.

No matter which mold opening method is adopted, the silicone rubber of the human body mold and the contact tools shall not contain impurities, water, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, organic tin or heavy metal elements, and there shall be no smoking in the whole operation process of the silicone rubber of the human body mold, otherwise, the silicone rubber of the human body mold cannot be vulcanized successfully, resulting in the failure of mold opening.If a real person body part is used for mold opening, it is also necessary to do a good job of cleaning, especially the hair on the hands or feet to avoid the pain caused by demolding, as well as affecting the internal profile of the mold, resulting in appearance defects of new products.In order to accelerate the curing rate of silicone rubber in the human body mold due to the fact that the heating cannot be carried out when the human body mold is opened, the curing rate can be accelerated by adjusting the ambient temperature, such as turning on the heating and furnace, and improving the temperature of the operating environment.

The dosage of silicone rubber for human body mold should be paid attention to in the operation. If the specific dosage is not clear, the whole process of molding or brushing can be completed by several times. Excessive amount should be avoided as far as possible, because once the two components are mixed, they can not be recovered and separated, and the two components also react slowly, resulting in the waste of silicone rubber for human mold. Hongtu silica gel suggests that the remaining unmatched human body mold silicone rubber should be sealed and stored, and the two components should be separated independently and should not be mixed with each other. It should be stored in a cool place.

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