What if there are dark lines on the surface of silicone products?

2020/12/24 10:13:41

The production of silica gel products appear bad surface, is a very troublesome thing, the common is the appearance of dark lines. What is the reason for the dark veins? If the product surface appear dark lines and how to solve?

1, silica gel mold 

Mold is the core of silica gel products, the material selection on the mold steel occupies the main factor, and secondly, the poor surface during the processing is likely to be the deformation of the mold due to excessive pressing times, which leads to the poor appearance of silica gel products. Secondly, in the process of die finishing, the precision of the die determines the clamping line of the product as well as the self-dismantling edge, the edge wheel angle and so on.

2, molding and vulcanizing the silica gel product 

During the molding and vulcanization process, the exhaust mode and the trapped air stroke of the product determine the bulge phenomenon of the silica gel product. The inaccurate allocation of time and temperature is likely to lead to poor dark marks. In addition, the most important thing is the operating method of the machine operator and the remarks. In the end, the most important thing during the processing is the random strain, and the appropriate parameter allocation for the silica gel product.

3. Silica gel raw materials 

Due to the different properties of raw materials and different product ratios of silicone products, the surface factors are based on the different distribution ratios of the added amount of white carbon black and silicone resin in the products. Because the raw materials belong to semi-transparent white glue stick, the mixing uniformity of the compound rubber and vulcanizing agent depends on the quality of the rubber compound in the mixing process, and the factors of poor product surface are the above reasons!

Silica gel products have the characteristics of colorless, odorless, non-toxic, to change silica gel products into colorful color, you need to join the "color master", so the choice of color master must not be wrong, if the temperature of the color master temperature not line, then basically silica gel products into a waste, because the color master into silica gel products for high temperature molding, this time the color master is through high temperature melting to make silica gel products color, if the color master because temperature performance not affect the whole production, the consequence is self-evident, so in the choice of color master must choose

In the selection of silica gel raw materials, it must be strictly controlled, silica gel raw materials, such as two different silica gel raw materials in the naked eye may be difficult to identify the color difference and hardness, but in fact there are differences between the two, if the two batches of silica gel raw materials mixed molding, then molding quality inspection found after a small color difference, also can not be shipped, our quality inspection is very strict, for the color difference can only be handled in the form of defective products, so, in the selection of silica gel raw materials must be clear when there is no mixing, it is important to know the source, wrong head, behind all wrong

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