Is it normal for liquid silicone products to smell?

2020/12/26 9:52:13

Many friends will pay attention to a problem, that is, liquid silicone products have odor. There are many reasons for the odor of liquid silica gel products, but not all of them indicate that there are problems in the quality and performance of liquid silica gel products.

Liquid silica gel itself has no smell, but a related auxiliary material is an indispensable vulcanizing agent. The vulcanizing agent is a kind of catalyst to promote the vulcanization molding of silica gel raw materials, which will volatilize after the silica gel products are molded, and only a small part will remain, which will evaporate after 72 hours. Vulcanizing agent will not harm human body, and there is basically no great taste in rubber compound.

However, the quality of this adjuvant is also good or bad. In order to save costs, some manufacturers may use a worse vulcanizing agent, which will produce a burning and pungent smell, and the volatilization time will take about one month. Therefore, when choosing silicone gift and products, we should try to choose better tasteless and environmentally friendly silicone products, especially silicone kitchenware.

To sum up, it can be seen that silicone products have peculiar smell, which basically will not cause any harm to human body. However, in order to use them safely, pure environmental protection products are used, so please buy regular green silicone products.

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