Product design and mold making are two major elements of customizing silicone rubber products

2020/12/28 10:04:11

In the mold industry, many designers have neglected the manufacturing process for the customization and design of silicone rubber products, such as making the mold into their own suggested style, and whether the milling cutter path is correct? Is it convenient to machine with machine tools? Is the size and shape appropriate? Can all kinds of materials meet their requirements? This is a problem that customers will ignore when looking for manufacturers to customize products.

Under normal circumstances, the custom-made ideas of silicone rubber products are often related to the production process and product types of finished products. If you don't know the design ideas of products, you can't make molds If the process ideas are unclear, you can't make good products. However, the structure and drawings of customized solutions often conflict with the processing technology, and the mold and molding technology may also conflict, which is a drawback in the development and design of silicone rubber products and creative design. Designers are unfamiliar with the processing technology and mold technology, and the mold technology is unfamiliar with the production technology!

Product design problems: the product design is too thin, which may cause the tooling to crack, which is not conducive to mold processing, and there are grooves in the product, which leads to the inability of the mold boring cutter to process, the complex size and structure of the product, which is not conducive to too many openings, etc.

Molding process problems: too thin product mold can achieve good results, but the product has no self-dismantling edge, the product is too thick, the molding is difficult, soft and hard, the product requirements are too soft, the customized shape can not achieve a very soft effect, and it is too hard. Maybe the idea is just like plastic, although silicone rubber is a soft material and has certain technical principles.

In addition to some appearance or color, but the current production process of silicone rubber products can not meet the customer's requirements, which is also a troublesome thing. Therefore, customers should pay more attention to several molding processes, coloring, appearance and other treatments of silicone rubber products before customizing the plan, and perhaps avoid giving the plan to the manufacturer and modifying it before and after.

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