How to ensure the appearance glossiness of silicone products?

2020/12/30 9:54:16

Silica gel products appearance of high gloss is the form of high quality silica gel products, high gloss is made of high gloss silica gel products mold, but, how to ensure the quality of silica gel mold?

1, when making a silicone mold, it is necessary to make it according to the specifications of the silicone product to be made, and also choose the appropriate silicone material, so that the silicone product with high gloss and exquisite can be made;

2, silicone oil cannot be added into the gel, and the more silicone oil is added, the softer the die is, and the lower the tensile property and the tearing property are, so that the silica gel product cannot be durable, and the service life is reduced.

With the rapid development and innovation of silica gel products, silica gel products on the market are more and more, more and more kinds, in this environment, everyone for silica gel products quality requirements are becoming higher and higher, in the development of silica gel industry, silica gel production process is increasingly perfect, in the production of silica gel products, silica gel manufacturers in order to make customers satisfied with the product, not only need to make the product quality is good, but also to make the appearance of silica gel products have high gloss

Many customers like good-looking, high gloss products, generally in the processing technology before, will first consider the customer' s requirements, and then choose the appropriate process, but in this way, the cost will increase, but the smoothness of the product will increase, silica gel is a non-stick material, so you need to use butter and fuel coated on the baking tray, so it will be better.

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