What are the factors of deformation of silicone products?

2020/12/31 9:43:51

Silicone products have certain softness and resilience, but why do some silicone products deform and not rebound when in use? For example, if some O-rings cannot recover after deformation, they will lose their sealing function. In this paper, what are the factors that affect the deformation of silicone products?

The influence of the tensile rate, the product's hardness and softness to decide, general silica gel tensile rate can reach 300% to 600% (soft material), but in the process of use of excessive tension will directly lead to deformation and loss of tensile deformation, so should be in use process don't excessive elongation, no matter industrial products, supplies or silica gel jewelry are the same.

Temperature influence place, a damp place, when silica gel products to work, in the process of use under the condition of damp high temperature, tensile deformation will gradually, but with the temperature of the adaptation and decline will also lead to silica gel products appear slight deformation. So whether it is in the industrial application of accessories, sealed products, unless people think as far as possible don't let silica gel products stretch for a long time.

Long-term work still lead to deformation, long-term use under high pressure, under high pressure for the material is relatively hard products easily deformed.

In various industries, the silica gel products with relatively large volume of articles for daily use have the deformation condition, and the non-rebound condition after the deformation can gradually change into another shape for a long time, so that the silica gel product is not so convenient to use, especially the silica gel pads and the products with relatively thin thickness, so what are the reasons for the non-rebound of the silica gel product after a long and tortuous period? Among them a few problems cause silica gel product deformation to have correlation!

Silica gel products in use process failed to good maintenance, resulting in accelerated aging in cleaning did not dry, long-term exposure to lead to thermal reaction, application environment is different such as ozone destructive place lead to silica gel products deformation, silica gel products maintenance method is not correct will also lead to product deformation, correct cleaning and application is generally not deformation, so in use at the same time should pay attention to some details above.

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