Will silica gel products fade and age?

2021/1/5 18:30:34

In contrast to other plastic materials, silicone rubber products have outstanding aging resistance, otherwise they do not use silicone rubber to make some mechanical device seals.However, to achieve the effect of aging resistance and corrosion resistance in contact with mechanical oils, special synthetic silica materials need to be used.

In addition to having methyl vinyl silicone rubber with small all compression permanent deformation, wide temperature range for use, antioxidant, weatherization, shock resistance, moisture resistance, and good electrical insulation properties, it also has excellent low-temperature, ablation and radiation resistance properties.These properties also change as the phenyl content in the molecular chain differs, in general, phenyl content (ratio of phenyl to silicon atoms) 5-10% is called low phenyl silastic, it has special cold resistance properties, between - 70 ° C and 100 ° C can still maintain the elasticity of rubber, and the low temperature performance is better.

For example, the use of corrosion resistant, high-temperature silica slip pads with a temperature range of - 70 ° c-350 ° C is commonly used, and a product named methylphenylvinylsilastic, which is derived by introducing a methylphenylsilastic or diphenylsilacic oxygen link into the molecular chain of methylvinylsilastic.The introduction of phenyl groups into the pendant groups of the polysiloxane greatly reduces the performance of the polymer due to the disruption of the regularity of the dimethylsiloxane structure.

Silica gel is originally a synthetic material, it is better than general gel in various properties, general silica gel products processing plants will choose different synthetic silica gel according to the customer customized products.Consumers do not worry at all about aging, fading during their normal use of silicone lifestyles, but it is preferable to still comply with the introduction to use on the product insert.

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