Liquid silica gel a see understand!

2021/1/6 18:32:52

Silica gel this two word, everyone should not strange, but, you know the silica gel industry, for these two words but there are segments, respectively for liquid silica gel and solid silica gel, and today for you to introduce is one of the main, also reached the edible level of liquid silica gel.

The reason why liquid silica gel is so hot is that liquid silica gel is not as good as solid silica gel, but solid silica gel is not edible, while liquid silica gel is certified and can reach the level of edible level. Of course, the advantages of solid silica gel are also some, that is, it is affordable. On this point, liquid silica gel can't account for any advantages.

Second, the liquid silica gel, also known as liquid silica gel, is relatively solid high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, which is liquid rubber, with good liquidity, fast vulcanization, more safety and environmental protection characteristics, so, once introduced immediately by consumers love, because, solid silica gel as the name implies, is a finalize the design of silica gel material, in contrast, liquid silica gel is can according to customer requirements, to multi-dimensional conversion, this is also the liquid silica gel custom popular main point.

The above is today for you to sort out some of the information, specific, you need to choose which kind of silicone custom material, it depends on your own.

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