How to judge the quality of silicone rubber products?

2021/1/7 9:48:59

High-quality silica gel products in Europe and the United States and other countries have been welcomed by the majority of people in the domestic silica gel market also has great potential; To be sure, there will be more silica gel products in all walks of life in the future, so for the manufacturers of high-quality silica gel products, the production of high-quality silica gel products is the top priority. So a high quality silica gel products, it must have what kind of characteristics, and how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of silica gel products?

First of all, silica gel products have good temperature resistance, including high temperature and low temperature, silica gel is a kind of temperature-resistant material, the silica gel products produced naturally very temperature-resistant, the highest temperature up to 240 degrees, the lowest temperature up to -40 degrees. Generally speaking, from the professional technology, this requires manufacturers to grasp the various aspects. Each process must be well controlled so that the silica gel product produced can reach a high quality.

Second, easy to clean, silica gel products is a waterproof product, in the water inside is not any change, this is silica gel products are born. Moreover, the produced silica gel product can be boiled and disinfected in high-temperature hot water and can also be washed in a washing machine or a dish washer without causing damage to the silica gel product.

In addition, the spatial structure of the silica gel material is also disordered after being used for a long time, but the chemical property is also very stable, in addition to common chemical substances and strong acids and strong bases, common weak acids and weak bases can not be changed, and good performance is brought to the silica gel product.

In short, silica gel is an environmentally friendly non-toxic material, a lot of people have a lot of misunderstanding, some people even say that silica gel is a toxic substance, in fact these are misconceptions, silica gel nipple produced by silica gel is a household product. Silica gel nipple is made of silica gel products, and common kitchen silica products such as production process is different.

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