What are the characteristics of cups made of silica gel?

2021/1/11 18:38:04

Silica gel water cup is made of food grade silica gel, which is generally safe, cold resistant to -40℃, high temperature resistant to up to 220℃, durable, not easy to deform, soft in material, and can be folded into pocket. Food-grade silica gel is an inorganic polymer colloidal material condensed from silicic acid. Its main component is SiO2·nH2O, which is over 98%. It is non-toxic and tasteless, and has stable chemical properties. It does not react with any acid and alkali salts except caustic alkali and hydrofluoric acid under normal conditions. Food grade silica gel is usually used for products with high safety requirements, such as baby pacifiers and baby bottles.

Silicone cup features: 

100% environmental protection silica gel is used as raw material: food silica gel is an inorganic polymer colloidal material condensed by silicic acid, and its main component is mSiO2-nH2O. Chemical stability is good, and it does not react with any acid and alkali except caustic alkali and hydrofluoric acid. Commonly used in baby pacifiers, bottles and other products with high safety requirements. 

Non-toxic and tasteless: the ingredients are silicon dioxide and water, which is safe and stable. 

High temperature resistance and low temperature resistance: The temperature resistance range of silica gel raw materials is -40℃-220℃, which is far higher than that of plastic products for food, and does not dissolve when it exceeds 100℃. The use process is safe, and even when burnt, it will only decompose into silicon dioxide and water vapor, which is non-toxic and harmless.

 Aging resistance and colorfastness: the oxidative decomposition temperature far exceeds that of similar plastic products. It does not fade when used at daily temperature and has a service life of up to 10 years. 

Easy to clean, oil-resistant, water-tight, and easy to use, it is a good helper for housewives. 

Soft, non-slip, feel good, like baby's skin, warm and considerate. Material selection, processing and quality control: the material selection strictly follows FDA standards of food grade silica gel. 

Silicone cups are made of food-grade liquid silicone+plastic PP without BPA (bisphenol A). The product is made of food-grade silicone, which is safe and nontoxic, and is the same material as baby pacifiers. 

The residual odor of the cup body is due to the fact that the silica gel is left after baking in the oven at high temperature during the production process, and the products directly reach the consumers from the production line. 

It is recommended to wash it with detergent before use, and then boil it in a pot for 6-7 minutes, which can disinfect and remove peculiar smell. It can be folded in size and has hooks.

Usage of silica gel cup: 

When cleaning a cup, the mouth, body, bottom and wall of the cup should be cleaned. Especially remind female friends that lipstick not only contains chemical components, but also easily adsorbs harmful substances and pathogens in the air. When drinking water, harmful substances will be brought into the body, so the lipstick left at the cup mouth must be cleaned. 

It's best to clean the cup with a brush. You can also squeeze toothpaste on the brush and brush it back and forth in the cup. The toothpaste contains both detergent and very fine friction agent, which can easily wipe off the residual substances without damaging the cup. 

Please clean the outer surface directly with mild detergent and soft cloth. Every part should be cleaned after each use. 

It is best to clean the cup immediately after each use. If it is too troublesome, clean it once a day, clean it before going to bed at night, and then dry it.

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