How can silica gel adhere to pc?

2021/1/12 18:34:38

It is important to know that silicone materials are generally sticky, while PC plastics are often transparent. UV glue is highly transparent but cannot stick to silicone. Most PC glue is corrosive and can't stick to silicone. If you consider using instant glue, the result will turn white, and it is too troublesome to use a treating agent before use! This scheme can be used, but it is not the no.1 option.

Secondly, rtv silicone glue can be considered, which has better performance besides longer curing time. For example, it has strong applicability, can adhere to many kinds of substrates, can pass FDA and SGS, can resist high temperature, and has good waterproof and sealing properties, which can be considered by the boss of normal temperature process.

Then there is the hot vulcanization molding scheme. ① The solid silica gel is added with platinum vulcanizing agent, and then put into the mold with pc substrate for molding; (2) Liquid silica gel, which is directly injection molded with pc in a mold. Many customers will choose this one, which is easy to operate and has ideal effect.

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