Why do silica gel products appear yellow and discolored?

2021/1/13 18:58:44

Yellowing and discoloration of silicone products is a familiar phenomenon for many consumers. Do you think yellowing of silicone products is a normal phenomenon? There is still a little favor. Why does it turn yellow?

In view of the problem of why the yellowing of silicone rubber products occurs, in fact, the yellowing of silicone rubber is not its essence. The raw materials of silicone rubber are divided into hundreds of millions of molecular formula crystals. Here, the ingredients with different ingredients can be changed or changed at will. Therefore, even if hundreds of thousands of molecular formula chains are not easy to suffer from replacement reaction, yellowing will occur, which is only limited by external stops, such as vulcanization accelerators, raw materials and anti-yellowing agents.

When it comes to vulcanization accelerators, many silicone rubber products manufacturers use general vulcanization accelerators, and many products may use them. However, when they are highly transparent or semi-transparent products, yellowing generally occurs when they are cast in white. Therefore, many silicone rubber manufacturers will choose anti-yellowing vulcanization accelerators and add anti-yellowing agents, which can be used in high-permeability and semi-permeable products without discoloration, which can ensure that the production and processing of high-temperature vulcanized rubber will not change all colors, and the products will not change color after long-term use!

In addition, there are some factors in raw materials. Generally, the raw materials of silica gel products are based on structural reinforcement of white carbon black. The greater the usage amount, the lower the cost, and the adjustment of raw material characteristics will be different, so the expected effect of anti-yellowing will also cause a change, so with the change of raw material characteristics, its own quality will also cause a change!

The other is that the silica gel protective sleeve is not heated in the whole application process, and the general ion exchange silica gel is all yellow, so transparent silica gel products will have some yellow damage, so it is suggested that long-term sun exposure is not necessary!

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