Why is natural latex precious? What are its characteristics?

2021/1/14 18:39:37

What are the reasons why natural latex is extremely precious and what are the characteristics of the products? First of all, the composition of natural latex is a kind of white liquid that flows out from rubber trees during tapping. The rubber particles in natural latex are 1, 06 microns, and the natural latex is also rich in rubber components, and also contains water and protein components.

In order to obtain natural latex, rubber trees need to be cultivated. The primary spreading areas of rubber trees are Hainan, Guangdong and Yunnan in China. Its growth condition is that it is not suitable for planting in low-humidity areas, and it is more suitable for planting in warm and moist areas with thick soil layers.

The primary origin of natural latex is in rubber trees. The word rubber is interpreted as "weeping tree" in Indian, and its tears also refer to natural latex. As long as the rubber tree is cut into the cut-off mouth, the natural latex will flow out along with the cut-off mouth and be attributed to a milky white liquid. The effect of this liquid can be used to make rubber, and the composition of rubber is obtained after the natural latex flows out and changes in external temperature and conditions.

After learning about the origin of natural latex, we can clearly know that it originated from rubber first. When rubber grows to a certain period, it will have certain latex. First, it will draw a mouth and it will actively flow out, that is, natural latex. Latex is a natural raw material from rubber tree juice, which is extremely precious, because every rubber tree can only produce 30cc latex juice every day. It takes at least one day to one and a half days for a latex product to be manufactured, which is a product with appropriate time-consuming and valuable information. Molded by transpiration, it has many pores, and has good air permeability. Because the pores are smooth in appearance, mites can't be attached. Moreover, latex juice has a very important feature, that is, its fragrance and many mosquitoes refuse to approach it. Excellent elasticity, no deformation, cleanability and durability. It is a good raw material for Ankang; The only small defect is that it can't be exposed to the sun. Ultraviolet rays will change latex raw materials into powder, but it is a very good material for environmental protection when thrown away. The original materials of rubber products that we often touch in our daily life are also them (such as sponge puff, surgical gloves, etc.). However, due to the amount of data and the depth of technology, the essential difference between latex products and rubber products is determined.

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