Why are baby bottles made of silicone now?

2021/1/15 18:46:14

Great changes have taken place in the silicone industry at present, and a kind of liquid silicone, which belongs to silicone, has also been used to make silicone bottles. Why use liquid silicone? This is because liquid silicone has excellent transparency, tear strength, resilience, yellowing resistance, heat aging resistance and weather resistance.

Here, some friends may ask, why do you want to make a silicone bottle and why don't you make a glass bottle? In fact, when you see a silicone bottle, you also have this kind of confusion. For this reason, you have specially sought some information. The following is an analysis of two kinds of bottles, so you can have a look.

Glass bottle: 

Main ingredients: silicon dioxide; Advantages: safe material, no carcinogen bisphenol a, high transparency and difficult deformation; Disadvantages: Glass feeding bottles are generally heavy, fragile, resistant to sudden cooling and rapid heating, and prone to burst.

Silicone bottle: 

Main ingredients: silicone bottle is made of liquid silicone; Advantages: non-toxic, tasteless, stable chemical properties, no bisphenol A, high temperature resistance, repeated disinfection and long service life.

In fact, the baby's bottle, whether it is glass or silicone, can only be used, because they are made of different materials and have different advantages and disadvantages. When parents choose suitable bottles for their children, the material is not the only consideration. In many cases, in addition to materials, children's preferences, the specific situation of parents taking care of their babies, etc., reference should also be made.

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